SCiO is a brand new, hand-held analyser used to analyse forage on farms. In just 10 seconds or less, the portable NIR cup analyser allows you to make decisions in the field yet maintaining lab level accuracy to plan the timing of silage harvest at optimal moisture levels. 


Smart real time analysis via an App allows the user to:

  • Minimize any leftovers and reduce costs
  • Adjust rations in real time to ensure consistent dry matter in feed. 
  • Adjust for rain and snow
  • Plan optimal harvest times
  • Test daily and track trends
  • Access up to 13 different calibrations including green chip, ensiled forage, dry hay, high moisture and more! 


The process is instant and simple – fill up SCiO Cup with green chop or silage, click the button once, and get results on your phone within 10 seconds.  

Contact Calibre (stand I51) for more information 01925860401