RumenSmartTM for Milk Fats


RumenSmart is a new innovative feed additive that promotes an increase in milk fat production in the udder. Developed through extensive scientific research RumenSmart supports the rumen microbial population, orienting the biohydrogenation pathways in the rumen to promote milk fat synthesis in the udder and hence, on average increasing milk fat by 0.25 %.


In trials it has been shown to improve butterfat production and is particularly effective in diets which are likely to suppress milk fat production such as high oil or high starch diet and those including a large amount of grazed grass. Analysis of rumen bacteria population shows it reduces the number strains that are responsible for the milk fat depression pathways and encourages the more fatty acids that are more beneficial for milk fat.


With butterfat bonuses a crucial way to help maintain margins on dairy units as well as environmental pressure on the use of palm oils for dairy cows, RumenSmart with its natural process to increase milk fats contributing to a more sustainable way, lowering the carbon footprint per litre produced and improving profitability through a higher milk fat content.


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