Quill Dry Box

The Quill Dry Box offers the ultimate robust and long lasting document holder. Moulded from durable, weatherproof materials by Quill Productions at our site in Dorset, the Quill Dry Box is ideal for keeping any paperwork or small items dry across the Dairy Farm.

Stay ahead of the new regulations and keep your documentation safe and close to your herd. Fitting the Quill Dry Box to each of your buildings will allow you to keep documentation on all the occupants in one place, and easily accessible.

The inside of the box measures 330 x 260 x 185mm, which is wide enough and deep enough for multiple clipboards.

The lid will keep your documents dry and safe through the roughest of weather. The lid can be secured to the box by popping the lid holes over the button screws that are supplied with the box. Easily attached to your barn, shed or building with two screws (2 wood screws included).

For the month of December, we are offering an exclusive 10% discount on the Quill Dry box to Dairy Tech customers with the code DAIRYTECH10.

Available in a range of colours:

  • Green
  • Blue (to help stand out for Biosecurity purposes)

Bulk purchase

Are you a buyer for a collective or a group of farms? Discounts are available for bulk purchases –

please call us on 01258 818239 to enquire.

If purchasing in large quantities then other colour options may be available. Please contact us for more information.