Miracle Tech is please to announce another new product to our portfolio.
As of the 1st November 2019 we have become the sole distributor for the UK and Ireland of Agroninja’s stressless, quick and cost effective cattle weighing system “Beefie”.

“Beefie is a digital cattle weighing device that works off your smart phone, it has been developed for use by both dairy and beef farmers alike to make their life easier when measuring the weight or withers height of their cattle. It has been successfully tested in Europe and South America with a 95% accuracy rate. To date it is only available on Android devices with IOS coming very soon.

Dairy Tech 2020 will be the first public showing off “Beefie” in the UK and to mark this special occasion we will be offering a special 15% discount for any orders placed on the day.

“Beefie” takes the stress out of weighing cattle making it a one-man operation; the process takes less than a minute per animal and is completely non-intrusive.

Although called “Beefie” this device is just as at home on a dairy farm as it is on a beef one! By regularly weighing cattle you can define milestones in a herds lifecycle and make smart decisions on feeding, sales planning and replacement planning etc.

“Beefie Plus” was developed to measure both the weight and withers height of heifers to help dairy farmers in their breeding programs. Being such a simple, cost effective system it is ideally placed to help the farmer pay the close attention needed to heifer rearing by continuous monitoring.

Beefie” works by attaching the hardware to your smartphone. You then bring up the app and take a photo of the animal you wish to weigh, then you add a little info (age, sex, body condition and breed type) and the software then gives you weight. The results can be exported to an excel spreadsheet so as they are easily available for sharing and further planning. Work is underway to also make this information compatible with farm management software.

A quick question, how many dairy farmers have weigh scales on farm? In our research we have found this to be not very many (1 in 22 asked). To help in the on going battle with AMR we also see “Beefie” as a must have tool to help make better decisions on how much medication to give to an animal. Routine vaccinations, worming and antibiotic treatments all require an accurate body weight to make them effective, with “Beefie” this is now easily achievable without any hassle.

“Beefie” is available for most of the common breeds with more being added as the data is collected and validated, work is also being carried out so as young calves can also be measured. “Beefie” is ideal for use by anyone in the livestock sector:

  • Farmers
  • Vets
  • Feed reps/nutritionists
  • Slaughterhouse/market field person

There are different options of “Beefie” to purchase but they all work by:
Year One – Hardware and 1 year’s subscription
Ongoing Years – Subscription only

Both Miracle Tech and Agroninja are fully committed to providing full support and assistance with the “Beefie”. It comes with a 12-month warranty on all hardware, updates on the app and a full 30-day money back guarantee if not happy with the product.

For more info please contact George on 07751 414265 or drop us an email